Data Analytics Transforms Internal Auditors Into Strategic Advisors

Become Indispensable

As organizations continue to enhance their business technologies and the quality of their data, your team has the opportunity to deliver even higher value with the power of data analytics. The Caseware integrated suite boosts the performance of internal audit teams by providing you with the capability to:

  • Prioritize areas with elevated risk
  • Analyze 100% of transactions, regardless of type, volume or location in less time
  • Deliver better audit coverage and assurance
  • Quickly identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions
  • Improve operations, compliance initiatives and internal audit reputation
  • Become a trusted advisor to the organization

Scroll down to see how data analytics equips the Internal Auditor to transform the Financial Audit, The IT Audit, the Operational Audit, and Fraud Risk Management.

Use IDEA & Experience...

Seamless Data Import

Universal file conversion capabilities that allow users to obtain data from virtually any source.

Powerful Tests

Test whole data sets so auditors can feel empowered and confident in their findings.

Identifiable Trends and Outliers

Conveniently access new insights without having to write queries.

Effective Risk Exposure

An all-in-one platform enabling users to examine risks seamlessly and to prevent silos of data.


Automate routine functions to boost productivity, save money and see results.


Data Analytics for Financial Audits

Adapt to the growing demands of the financial audit. Assess control performance, mitigate risk, and identify critical trends by leveraging data analytics. Analyzing 100% of transactions becomes possible by automating processes; ensuring you deliver the insights your stakeholders need. Steer the course of your next financial report by using our integrated suite to examine:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Creditors, Debtors, Purchases and Payments
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll

Discover even more ways you can provide assurance, speed up your analysis and pinpoint key risks for financial reporting by downloading our whitepaper below.

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IT Audit With Data Analytics

In the digital age, something as small as a glitch can lead to disastrous results. As organizations grow increasingly reliant on IT systems, auditors need to find and understand the potential uncertainties of this environment. Use data analytics to mitigate risk and conquer the rapid pace of technological change. Perform repeatable tests in one click and ensure the right people get the exact results they need – when they need it. Adapt to technological progress by using our solution to analyze: 

  • Computer security
  • Email logs
  • Firewalls
  • Telephone logs and accounts

Click below to hear how one IT auditor transformed their role and ultimately the organization with data analytics. 


Operational Audit & Data Analytics

Operational audits interrupt day-to-day functions, and due to the costs associated with doing so, it’s crucial for the success of your audit team to audit efficiently and effectively. Our integrated, user-friendly solution helps you achieve this by providing a consolidated view to quickly and thoroughly measure the performance of enterprise functions. Data analytics will transform your operation audit by allowing you to: 

  • Share findings across your business to get audit recommendations into operations
  • Consolidate data to assess controls across departments and business processes
  • Use 100+ audit-relevant tasks to break-down complicated performance issues
  • Collaborate on the analysis in real-time making it easier to get others involved

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Audit Analytics & Fraud Risk Analysis

When performing fraud risk management, you can feel the pressure from increasing levels of scrutiny – especially when there’s little room for error. Leveraging data analytics allows you to efficiently identify patterns of fraud, conduct trend analysis, and understand results so that your team can build a strong and effective anti-fraud program. Use our integrated suite to:

  • Analyze 100% of transactions to uncover every anomaly 
  • Automate analysis to pinpoint fraud quickly, preventing future problems
  • Import data easily (spreadsheets, exported data from databases, accounting systems, ERP systems, and T&E applications)
  • Create an audit trail you can trust to repeat the same analysis

Download our Investigating Fraud with Data Analytics white paper to learn how to transform your anti-fraud department with data analytics. 

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