Why this CPA firm uses IDEA instead of Excel

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My name is Danielle Supkis Cheek. I have my own CPA firm in Houston, Texas. We specialize in companies that have problems with segregation of duties and controls, mostly smaller entities and mid-sized companies. And we either do one of three services for them; we help them fix their control situation, do the audit review knowing they have a control issue, or do the forensics because there was a big issue.


We were maxing out Excel on a pretty regular basis on their capabilities you know what the bigger Excel package you know we didn’t max out the rows as often anymore but what it really let us do moving to IDEA is take that kind of analytics and all that work to the whole next level and start being able to compete on services we were able to offer and analysis we were able to do with the bigger firms while still being a small firm. And that small firm hand holding client experience.


A Ponzi scheme is where new investor money that comes into a what’s called a business for the sake of being a business but it’s usually not a legitimate business operation but the investor inflows are used to pay out dividends to existing investors rather than investing in the business and the methods in which they were supposed to be used for. The Ponzi scheme investigation we did had a huge volume of data, especially for our size office. Many, many different entities about eight different entities and almost 4,500 intercompany transactions. We used IDEA to be able to match up transactions, filter through the data and be able to put together a very concise and cohesive presentation of how to prove that the alleged Ponzi scheme was an actuality a Ponzi scheme.


IDEA has helped us be more efficient with our time. Most of our clients are the smaller businesses that don’t have huge budgets to spend on investigations or audits, and they want us to use our time efficiently so IDEA does help us use our time efficiently and expeditiously.